What is an Ayurvedic Cleanse?

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Why people do an Ayurvedic Cleanse?

An Ayurvedic Cleanse allows you to get closer to the innate wisdom of ancient Ayurveda and thus helps you to kickstart a healthier lifestyle, more balance in your body, and improvement in every segment of your immune system.

With Alexandra's excellent guidance, experience, and knowledge, you will soon step into the world of Ayurveda and discover much more about your eating habits, metabolism, hormones, and how to lose weight. And not only that, you will find what is your constitution and metabolism speed, which will help you determine your diet with a realm of tasty recipes.

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You need this. We all do.

It’s part of being a smarter human being and detoxing seasonally.

Rewild + Redesign Your Immune System Remove inflammation for your body
Strengthen your nerves
Divest your body of chronic symptoms
Improve your digestion
Stop having allergies
Emerge with better habits in just 15 days!
I’ll guide you into your power. I’ll guide you to develop your inner wisdom.
Join us. We’re getting smarter, together.

Guided by Alexandra Kreis

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Cleanse!

    • The difference between cleansing alone and with the group

    • Prep School - for the Ayurvedic Beginner: SPARKING YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM

    • Dosha Test = How Ayurveda would describe You

    • Your Live Calls with the Group and Alexandra

  • 2

    Preparation to the Ayurvedic Cleanse

    • [VIDEO] - Course-hub experience

    • Getting Ready to Get Started

    • Habit Personality Test

    • FAQ about the Cleanse

    • Shopping List for the Cleanse

  • 3

    Lead-in to the Cleanse

    • [VIDEO] - Set and Setting

    • Clearing your Schedule and Space

    • Test Your Metabolism

    • How to deal with your Test results (metabolism test)

    • Cleanse Your Sinuses + Emotional Baggage

  • 4

    Deep dive into the Cleanse

    • [VIDEO] - Things to notice before deep diving

    • Mental focus for the deep cleanse

    • Main recipes for a traditional Ayurvedic Cleanse

    • [VIDEO] - How to make ghee

    • [VIDEO] - How to make kitchari

    • Elimination Therapy for deep seated Vata (Trauma)

    • Master Cleanse - for deep seated Kapha - only for Advanced Cleansers

    • Juice fasting - the Ayurvedic Way - for deep seated Pitta only

    • At-Home Super Advanced Nasya (SAN)

    • [VIDEO] At-Home Super Advanced Nasya (SAN)

    • Deep Cleanse

  • 5

    Emerge after the cleanse

    • [VIDEO] - How not to mess up emerging

    • Best Food for your Prakruti

    • Gut Shots

    • Staying with the Momentum

    • Ready to celebrate easter

  • 6

    (Video) Library - for all practices included

    • Daily recommended rituals during the cleanse

    • Ayurvedic Oleation

    • [VIDEO] - Nasya

    • [VIDEO] - How to make kitchari

    • [VIDEO] - How to make ghee

    • [VIDEO] Yoga - Quick Warm-up

    • [VIDEO] - Yoga : Chalanas - Rotations

    • [VIDEO] -Yoga: Extended Warm-up

    • [VIDEO] -Yoga: Restore and Revive

    • [VIDEO] - Yoga : Short Form Karttikeya Mandalam for Advanced Yogis

    • [VIDEO] - Yoga: Grounding Form for Advanced Yogis

    • [VIDEO] - Foot massage for the Nighttime

    • [New] - Meditation Challenge

    • At-Home SAN (Sagittal Sinus Abhyanga Nasya): Cleanse Your Sinuses + Emotional Baggage

    • (Video) AT HOME Shiro Pichu

  • 7

    Live Calls - Recordings

    • First Cleanse Group Call 4/2/2022

    • Office Hours Call 4/6/2022

    • Second Cleanse Group Call 4/8/2022

    • Third Cleanse Group Call 4/11/2022

    • Office Hours Call 4/13/2022

Insights from previous participants

Emma, Munich

"I realized I am very consistent with breakfast and dinner and not at all with lunch, so I plan to either make a pot of soup or kitchari at the beginning of the week, so that I eat something warm in the middle of the day- I found it very grounding and calming; to switch off my inner critic as much as possible - make choices, don't question them, everything will more than likely turn out fine!"

Daria P

- Paris 2019

"I am not so addicted to special food any longer, not so longing for eating anyway. eating lost its key role"

Francesca Ciaffoni

"I appreciate everything about this course, but mostly I am grateful I learned something very valuable about the correct lifestyle and I will do for sure the next autumn detox with Alexandra. "


"I really like the documentation, with recipes, for the first time I succeed in doing the kitchari, for me was a very good experience, also difficult sometimes but this is my own mind pattern to work on, and thanks to this cleanse I understood a lot. Thank you !!"

Katarina Joy Book


"We just created the space together. You have taken time for each of us sensitively made even a complex or new ide understandable to us. I feel well equipped, so to speak. With recipes and small rituals, and with clues what I can pay attention to, moving forward. And at the same time, it does not feel "finished", but I am still full of curiosity. Thank you!"


Berlin 2019

"I enjoyed the 5 WHYS that got me thinking deeper into why I was doing the cleanse. Asking questions is ok To simplify my cooking, I have a tend to get carried away when thinking about what to eat and looking at recipes cooking then takes me ages and this causes hunger problems. . I need to plan my weekly meals, I loved not having to think about it. Maybe I can have that in my day to day live"

Empower your immune System

We are starting 30th March!

Power over your immunity with Ayurveda

With this cleanse your organs and vital channels will be alleviated from toxins and can function to their best capacity. To cleanse regularly is critical for vibrant health, deep work and focus as it supports optimal function of every single organ - including the brain.

About Alexandra

I'm a Yoga teacher for almost two decades, an Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultant for 13 years, and a massage therapist for 11 years. All these came into synergy and led me to become a Yoga Health Coach. Those twists and turns in my journey taught me to expertly find and bring balance into our lives-- and this is what I want to share with you!

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Why your mental and physical health will benefit?

Enrich your Health - Work on Immune System

  • Enhance Digestive System

    Many foods that we eat nowadays contain toxins. This is especially true for heavily processed and prepackaged foods. So one of the first steps in an Ayurvedic Cleanse is to eliminate the remnants of contaminated or unabsorbed foods that take the place of those that are nutritious and needed by the body. Even if you eat relatively clean the turn of the season will require you to remove some of the summer foods that might not have been fully absorbed or have created an imbalance that often shows in the skin or the mind.

  • Balance your Hormones

    Balanced hormones are another steady partner for a robust immune system and mind. Your body relies on the thyroid, your adrenal glands, and hormones such as testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen, to stimulate immune functions. If these hormones are out of whack, the immune system starts to malfunction. In the course of the cleanse you will not only work on balancing your food but also render some of your usual activities so that at the same time you not only rid the body of toxins but also of excess hormones, especially those triggered by stress.

  • Discover and improve your Metabolism

    What is making you gain or lose bodyweight? Next to imbalanced hormones, it is your metabolism—the way you digest. We can influence our metabolism to work at optimal function when we are cleansing. Excess toxins tend to slow down your metabolism and cause symptoms such as fat around the waist, fatigue, frequent urination, extreme thirst, and high blood sugar. Any or all of these can be dangerous to the immune system and overall health


  • What should I do if I experience constipation during my cleanse?

    Sometimes, changing your diet or reducing stimulants like coffee can cause your bowels to slow down.

  • Should I exercise during the cleanse? What about yoga?

    Daily exercise helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, which is the body’s main detoxification system. Gentle aerobic exercises like yoga, Tai Chi/Qi Gong, swimming, biking, and walking are excellent for this type of cleanse. Yoga and Tai Chi/Qi Gong have the added benefits of helping eliminate mental and emotional toxins and strengthen the fire of the mind.

  • What food I will not eat durign cleanse?

    During the cleansing, we are stimulating the body to gently purify itself, and this is best achieved using light foods that mobilize circulation and encourage the release of metabolic wastes and natural toxins. Onions and garlic are heavy foods and have a strong stabilizing effect on both the mind and the body, so they are better used in small amounts during the rejuvenative phase after you have finished your cleanse.

  • Will I have to quit coffee?

    Cleansing almost always creates new respect for the body’s ability to create its own natural energy without any side effects or reliance on a stimulant. It is rare for a person to return to normal consumption of caffeine after cleansing.

What are signs and symptoms that I need to Cleanse?

1. Sluggishness or sleepy head

2. Tiredness especially after meals

3. Easily gets caught up with a simple cold

4. Mood swings

5. Trouble concentrating or getting a good sleep

6. Poor memory

7. Digestive problems

8. Feeling bloated

9. Rashes and other skin irritation

10. Food cravings

11. Hormone Imbalance

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