Make the first step to Road to Self Care

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Guided by Alexandra Kreis

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Brushing of Stress

    • The Benefits of massaging yourself

    • Preparation: Tools and Setting

    • Video: Step by Step Tutorial

  • 2

    Detoxing and Releasing Held Emotions

    • How to Calm the Mind and Balance Emotions with Massage

    • Preparation: Tools and Setting

    • Video: Step by Step Tutorial

  • 3

    Sense Organ Care - Polishing the Jewels of Your Body

    • Sense Organ Care the Ayurveda Way

    • Preparation: Tools and Setting

    • Video: Step by Step Tutorial

  • 4

    Becoming Whole Again

    • What does becoming whole to you mean?

    • Video: Step by Step Tutorial

- Forget About Your Massage Therapist -

Teach Yourself Ayurvedic Massage Practices

Self-massage is a great way to give the touch and love our bodies need, especially when we don't have anyone else to do this for us. Aside from the reassuring sense from each warm touch, stroke, and pressure, massage helps us clear our channels (literally and figuratively) and stay connected to our bodies and what lies within. It helps in forming boundaries while experiencing cohesion on all layers of the self. Self-massage is indeed one of the best and most comfortable (and cheapest) practices on your road to self-care!

Strengthen your Immunity

Dive deep into your body and relax

Insights From Trained Self Massagers


I participated to remind myself of and strengthen the methods of Ayurvedic massage so that I can incorporate that into my regular self-massage ritual

Reuben Whitehouse

The ear canal thing. That point in front of the ear lobes. That you can help that whole channel clear up (I suffer often from inflammation around there).


I have deepened my relationship with my body. I can't get a massage during pregnancy, and they are quite expensive!!! This was really an ideal experience for me.


Taking the time to do the tutorials in itself was beneficial. I feel more confident now to do the practices, particularly the sense organ care. That tutorial brought up some strong emotions which I was able to let move through me the day after. Today I am very tired, which also means yesterday’s tutorial is working on. I really want to learn more. I see what a vast and nuanced field it is, but it is also such a nice direct ‘me and my body’ communication.

Deepen Your Self Care

Explore with me in the ancient world of Yoga and Ayurveda, where you will learn self-massage techniques. The content of this course will always be available to you. You can watch it in a comfortable environment, anytime and anywhere. For all the questions you have during the course or want to know more about self-massage, you will have as a bonus private coaching session with me.

About Alexandra

I'm a Yoga teacher for almost two decades, an Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultant for 13 years, and a massage therapist for 11 years. All these came into synergy and led me to become a Yoga Health Coach. Those twists and turns in my journey taught me to expertly find and bring balance into our lives-- and this is what I want to share with you!

PS: With this Self Massage course you also get a Private Coaching session with me to help clarify issues that might arise.

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Why Ayruvedic Self-Massage is most suitable for you?

  • Boost your immunity

    Much research has indicated that an Ayurvedic self-massage may help boost your immunity by increasing the type of cells that fight off viruses. A massage won’t stop a sickness once it has started, but it may increase your immune system’s ability to prevent the illness before it starts.

  • Relieve stress and anxiety

    In today’s modern world, there seem to be more stressors than ever before. Taking time out from your busy schedule with self-massage can reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Relieve tension headaches

    Tension headaches are a very common type of headache. They are believed to be caused when the muscles contract in the neck, face, scalp, and jaw. One of the significant causes of tension headaches is stress. Self-Massage can help reduce the tightness of the muscles and alleviate the pain caused by tension headaches.


  • When is good time for self-massages?

    The best time to get a massage is when you know you will have some time after your massage to relax.

  • Is it good to massage everyday?

    You will definitely experience the most health benefits from massage. When you get massage regularly. If you get a massage once a year, it will be relaxing, but it can't undo a lifetime of muscle tension. Typically, once every week or two is ideal for keeping your muscle tissue pliable and in good shape

  • Is it safe to do self-massage?

    It is entirely safe to self-massage. Commonly after a massage, you will.., after the self-massage, you will feel reborn and get rid of all tensions in the body. You will reconnect with yourself, and all anxiety will disappear.

  • How exactly does self-massage work?

    You don't need any experience in massage to provide yourself with some good, effective techniques. You just need clear, quality, straightforward guidance

  • What should I not do after a massage?

    At least for those first few hours after a massage, avoid caffeine and alcohol, which are dehydrating and drink water.

Don’t ignore these 5 Ways

your Body is telling you to pause relax and GET A MASSAGE

1. If you’re always anxious and your stress level is off the roof...

2. If you can’t sleep well no matter how tired you feel...

3. If you are in pain, be it on a specific part of your body or as a whole...

4. If your body feels sore and worn out from a challenging exercise...

5. If you’re starting to get annoying headaches that can ruin your day...

And one last thing, if you can’t remember the last time you had a massage! Then it’s nature and the universe telling you, TIME TO GET YOURSELF A MASSAGE TODAY!